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New Training Tool

#1 Postby vabuckaroo » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:15 pm

I recently purchased a Garmin Forerunner 735XT wrist heart rate monitor. I have used it in the gym for both cardio and strength training. It show calories, heart rate trends and more. I tried using it on the bike doing some off-road stuff. Not only did it show all the same stuff in the gym, but mapped my route (GPS satellite connection) and showed heart rate while in motion. I have not used it with a chest monitor, but with that it will show VO2 to help figure lactic acid levels. It's waterproof and has Bluetooth connection. After workouts, I connect it to the computer to see all the information. It can be used with cycling and swimming as well (plus many other sports). If you want to up your training game, this is a great tool. It will also show your sleep patterns. AND for those of us who are optically challenged...the numbers on the face are pretty big!!

Riding this weekend here in Montana (1st time on the bike since riding in California in Feb), no arm pump, legs did great. Let me know if I can help you with creating a training program. I'll be in Montana until June or July, then I'm heading to Tucson.

Since 2/01/17 I have gone from 209lbs with a 14%BF to 217lbs with a 12%BF (04/17/17) My goal is 230lbs with <10%BF

My theory is to have enough muscle mass to protect your body in a crash, or to be able handle the bike with less effort AND have the endurance to race a 2hr enduro, H&H, or HS. (or your leg of desert race)

Remember this guy. One of the winningest off-road racers ever. Scott Summers. Yes, he deadlifted his XR600R.
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